BONITO SUSHI & THAI Bonito Sushi & Thai

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4.5 stars out of 259 reviews
28 Apr 2021 at 8:23 our sushi rice was very "al dente". cooking it 5 mins longer would help a lot hence 3, not 5 stars as first time ee ordered.
27 Apr 2021 at 13:45 Zout
26 Apr 2021 at 22:02 Zeer lekkere rode curry met eend!
26 Apr 2021 at 20:47 De in/out rol zalm pikant was echt niet lekker. Het was een soort tapas met wat zalm in gerolt in rijst. De sushi was niet vers.
24 Apr 2021 at 23:12 Heel lekker eten en grote porties. Snel geleverd en nog warm. Een aanrader!
19 Apr 2021 at 10:27 I took the Boni homemade dimsum veggie but it wasn't precised that they were hot/spicey. As I avoid all food with chili etc. due to a chronic colon problem, it would have been useful to know this beforehand.
17 Apr 2021 at 21:30 Alles lekker en warm Net te veel citroengras in de soep! Voor herhaling vatbaar
15 Apr 2021 at 21:23 Food is really good , Delivery time around 50 min